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Shining interior with stainless steel & chrome

Nordic modern aesthetics have captured the hearts of many with their clean lines, minimalist approach, and emphasis on functionality. As this design trend continues to gain momentum, one particular element has emerged as a standout feature: Stainless steel, metal and chrome accents.

A loft in Paris by Festen Architecture, with a kitchen featuring Abimis

One significant influence on the popularity of stainless steel was the Bauhaus movement, which emphasised simplicity, functionality, and the use of industrial materials. Designers like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer, associated with the Bauhaus, helped popularise stainless steel as a material for modern interiors.

Arty metal side table Heena from House Doctor

Today we see a resurge in popularity of this material now associated with a futuristic, modern Tech look. The Environmental Friendliness is also making it a sustainable choice where its recyclability contributes to reducing waste and energy consumption in the production of new materials.

Shiny chromed Rivet Side Table, Frama nicely mixed with a wool rug

The Reflective properties are highly appreciated in regions where daylight is scarce for much of the year, and maximising natural light is crucial. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the space but also contributes to a sense of spaciousness and airiness.

Stainless steel and chrome accents represents a natural evolution of Nordic modern interior design. From their minimalist elegance to their functional versatility in combination with other natural materials like wood, marble & wool, these elements have become synonymous with the modern tech sophistication. Combined with sustainable recyclable features it stays true to the principles of simplicity, functionality, and understated elegance.

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