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Colour - the new blond

In the realm of Scandinavian interior design, a bold evolution is underway as colour emerges as the new focal point, supplanting the traditional reliance on blond woods and neutral tones. This transformation is not a departure from the minimalist aesthetic but an addition of creativity fostered by a new wave of innovative designers.

Gone are the days of strict adherence to monochromatic palettes; today's Scandinavian interiors are alive with vibrant hues carefully curated by a cadre of daring designers. These creative minds are redefining the boundaries of Nordic design, infusing spaces with personality and vitality while retaining the timeless principles of functionality and simplicity.

Their use of colour transcends mere decoration, becoming a means of self-expression and storytelling within the home.

Climbing Vine – Olive by Nordic Knots Mugs 70s by HK Living Towel Mono by HAY

By embracing colour, these designers are carving out a distinct identity for Scandinavian design, drawing inspiration from diverse sources like traditional folk patterns, the 70s... and pushing the boundaries of tradition. Homes are transformed into dynamic and immersive spaces that reflect the multifaceted nature of contemporary living.

Chaise Kevi 2060 by Montana Lampe Bonbon Lavender by HAY Chaise longue Eel by Ekbacken Studios

The creative spirit reigns supreme, and the only limit is the imagination of the designer. As such the modern lamp Bonbon Lavender by the designer Ana Kras edited by Hay has a surprising filament texture and the lounge chair Eel by Ekbacken Studios has a sculptural support fully made by recycled plastic waste. Sustainability & craftsmanship are as important as the design expression.

Carpet Park 03 – Burgundy by Nordic Knots Chair Icha by Massproductions Lamp Curly by Gustaf Westman

Emotion & atmosphere can radically change : vibrant hues like reds is injecting excitement & energy into otherwise traditional or minimalistic design like the setting with Icha chairs by Massproductions. The Swedish designer and architect Gustaf Westman is taking a step further with futuristic, architectural yet minimalistic shapes in bold colours representing the new edgy Scandinavian cool, and is a raising star on social media.

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